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The RELX Pod Vape Kit is the hottest new pre-filled pod vape to hit the market. In several fetching colour options and a wide range of pod flavours to choose from, this kit is a great pick for those who are considering buying an easy-to-use, beginner friendly portable vape.

RELX Essential Pod Vape Kit

A compact vape device available in Black, White, and Blue. The RELX pods are simply pushed in to the top of the device. Once the pod is empty, dispose of it and insert a new one. There’s no need to create a mess by refilling with e-liquid or changing a coil, and the inhale-activated sensor system means that there are no buttons either. 

RELX Pro Pod – Dark Sparkle

Flavour profile: Fizzy iced cola

Ultra refreshing, this RELX pod flavour is perfect for vapers looking for something unique but accessible. Featuring the flavour of deeply chilled fizzy cola, this pod will be perfect as the weather starts to warm up. The icy hit is not overpowering, but perfectly balanced against the sweet cola.  

RELX Pro Pods – Sunny Sparkle

Flavour profile: Iced orange soda

Nothing says summer like a tall glassy of icy, fizzy orange soda. This flavour blends notes of sweet, tart and juicy orange with a refreshingly welcome burst of ice. It’s incredibly smooth and super flavourful too.  

RELX Pro Pods – Tangy Purple

Flavour profile: Black grape

Dark and rich black grapes, with a tangy note that reminds us a little of wine. This RELX pod flavour is sophisticated and refined. A great choice for those who prefer their vapes to be less sweet. 

RELX Pods – Forest Gems

Flavour profile: Berry ice – frozen blueberry, strawberry and raspberry.

This one is a staff favourite! You just can’t go wrong with the classic combination of sweet, juicy berries and refreshing ice. A great all-day-vape, this is a flavour that’s impossible to get bored of. We love the fact that you can really taste the individual notes of strawberry, raspberry and blueberry – it doesn’t taste like a generic “mixed berries” flavour at all. The crisp ice finish complements the fruit flavour well.

RELX Pods – Fresh Red

Flavour profile: Sweet watermelon and ice

An authentic fresh watermelon flavour, frozen. We know that the combination of watermelon and ice works – that’s why our Lush Ice Beco Bar is our best-selling product, ever – and we just can’t get enough of this tropical taste. The icy notes are fairly strong here so this is one of the best choices for vapers who love that cooling sensation.

RELX Pods – Golden Slice

Flavour profile: Green mango nectar

It is fairly unusual to see green mangoes for sale in the UK, but in many Asian countries green mangoes are a treat to be enjoyed for their firm texture and sweet yet tart flavour. This pod is great for vapers looking for a fruity taste that isn’t overly sweet – it is nicely rounded and quite unlike most mango vape flavours we have tried. Another really authentic RELX pod – it tastes just like the real thing.

RELX Pods – Hawaiian Sunshine

Flavour profile: Pineapple ice

Iced pineapple – a cool combo that’s often overlooked for its more-popular cousin Iced Mango. This flavour is super sweet and super fresh – perfect for vapers who like their pods bold and flavourful. You would be forgiven for imagining that you are lounging on a tropical beach while enjoying this pod!

RELX Pods – Menthol Plus

Flavour profile: Menthol, wild mint and peppermint

What’s the “plus” stand for? Glad you asked. This is no ordinary plain menthol flavour – it’s been boosted and made complex by slightly sweet and almost floral notes of wild mint and peppermint. A great all-day vape, we would also recommend this flavour for those who are switching to vaping from menthol cigarettes.

RELX Pods – Raspy Ruby

Flavour profile: Raspberry and ice

Similar to the Forest Gems flavour, but quite a bit sweeter, this RELX pod flavour has an almost candy-like quality. A perfectly refreshing summer vape, featuring the flavour of fresh and juicy raspberries with an icy cold kick.

RELX Pods – Rich Tobacco

Flavour profile: Smooth tobacco

Every good pod vape range has a tobacco flavour, and RELX is no exception. A classic choice for recently-quit smokers (well done!) and those nostalgic for that tobacco taste, this pod flavour is smooth but bold, with a realistic tobacco flavour.

And there’s our review. Now the only question left is – which flavour to try first?

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