About Us

Around 2015 the founders of Leafly420Carts realised that the retail vape landscape was awash with one-man bands, some doing a great job, but many with no idea. Bigger chains only sold their own range of products – great for their margin, but providing little choice for the consumer. There was nowhere really for the several million smokers to go for trusted advice on their switch to vaping, just vape stores for hobbyists to build coils and blow clouds of vape. Most smokers would walk past these stores and never venture in.

Our story

Getting off the ground was a challenge but we managed. We trained the staff and launched with several key hardware and e-liquid brands, offering simple vape starter kits for beginners, a range for intermediate vapers, and a solid array of hardware and vape e-liquids for the advanced vaper.

The look and feel of the store had similarities to vape stores from the past, but had a more modern twist and was more inviting. After a successful launch, we launched the Leafly420Carts website to complement the store, and to showcase all that we were selling. It swiftly became very popular.

For us, Leafly420Carts has been a rollercoaster of a ride with lots of fun times and ups and downs along the way. A ride that has ultimately turned into a real life success story. Our initial vision was close to being realised with 8 Colorado and 10 outside of Colorado retail locations. Sadly, due to COVID-19 and a full lockdown, we had to pivot quickly and shift all focus onto our website which has gone from strength to strength. It seems that our ever loyal retail customers have moved over to enjoy the online experience with us instead. We did predict that this would happen by 2023, but COVID-19 has certainly accelerated this move. The future Leafly420Carts will become one of the largest and trusted online retailers over the coming months alongside the launch of many of more own brand products.


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Over the years we have had dealings with many brands but now choose only to work with the top tier companies who conform to TPD compliance and regulations. The e-liquids we sell are mainly manufactured within the US & UK, as is our own range of e-liquids. These have been carefully selected by our team of experts to offer the vaper a choice of high VG, high PG or a nicotine salt e-liquid, along with 100’s of different flavours.

Vape hardware is constantly evolving but thanks to our strong partnerships with key brands, we are always one of the first to get the latest releases.

If you’re looking for a basic Cigalike, a funky Box Mod or a coil for a tank we’re here to help. Over the last year we have seen the emergence of POD devices, and our stores and website feature the best-selling versions of these products for you to choose from.


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