JUUL PODS CREME BRULEE | Juul pods flavors.

JUULpods are filled with our unique JUUL e-liquid. JUUL PODS CREME BRULEE.
Nicotine, benzoic acid, propylene glycol, glycerine, and flavor are all included in our exclusive e-liquid composition. This patented chemistry, when combined with temperature-controlled vapor technology, allows JUUL to create a vapor experience unlike any other.

What are Juul Pods? | Buy thc pods online

JUUL pods are used in the closed pod system of the highly portable JUUL vaping device, allowing users to enjoy the convenience of vaping. Each pod includes nicotine salts, which give them with a nicotine alternative experience when trying to quit smoking.

Juul compatible pods online | JUUL PODS CREME BRULEE for sale

Juul Crème Brulee pods are designed for folks who enjoy a sweet vaping experience. Each puff will have a creamy custard flavor with sea salt, caramel, and vanilla overtones. Juul Crème Brulee pods are refills that include 0.7ml of e-liquid in each one. They contain 5% nicotine by weight.

Flavor of mango
The Mango flavor is, in our opinion, the most powerful juul pod in terms of throat hit. From our experience, it has a touch more throat kick than the others, but it’s still fairly smooth.


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