What does a Juul pod of Virginia tobacco or  how does JUUL PODS VIRGINIA TOBACCO taste like?
Tobacco flavor is rich and earthy, with a smooth finish. Each JUULpod has a nicotine content of 5.0 percent by weight and comprises 0.7mL.

What’s the difference between Juul Virginia and Juul classic tobacco?

Classic Tobacco is ideal for individuals who like a more delicate tobacco flavor. This variety is noted for its pleasant throat hit, making it a fantastic all-day vape for a realistic tobacco/cigarette feel. It has a milder taste than its Virginia version.

JUULpods are filled with our signature

JUUL e-liquid.

Nicotine, benzoic acid, propylene glycol, glycerine, and flavor are all included in our exclusive e-liquid composition. This patented chemistry, when combined with temperature-controlled vapor technology, allows JUUL to create a vapor experience unlike any other.

What flavors are there?

Mango \sMint \sFruit \sCucumber
Tobacco Creme from Virginia
Tobacco with Menthol

In addition, we have a selection of Juul compatible pods! Also, have a look at the JUUL accessories that are available for the device! JUUL PODS VIRGINIA TOBACCO for sale  at Leafly 420 Carts shop onlinen in Usa and Canada.

What is the active ingredient in Juul pods?

Despite the fact that many people are unaware, JUUL includes nicotine. Some JUUL pods have nearly twice the nicotine content of regular e-cigarettes. JUUL pods contain a variety of compounds in addition to nicotine, such as benzoic acid, propylene glycol, glycerine, and flavoring agents.


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