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Freshest, Full Spectrum Live Resin, Magic Melon Live Resin

Bursting with complete flavor profiles and every unique terpene and cannabinoid that makes the originating flowers so extraordinary, LIVE by Heavy Hitters consists of the freshest full-spectrum concentrates available and are always exclusively cultivated from the season’s best crops.Buy live resin carts online in Pennsylvania.

A truly unique flavor profile consisting of sweet tropical fruits and melons, Magic Melon creates a heavy-hitting  body-high while placing your mind in a happy and giggly state.

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Magic Melon is a tropical fruity sativa from Humboldt Seed Company that crosses Mango Trees, Honeydew Melon, and Mango Sherbert. When you open the package, the lime green buds have purple hints, and the aromas of cantaloupe and watermelon end with gassy notes.

Cultivar: Magic Melon

Type: Hybrid

Consistency: Sugar

Taste Profile: Tropical, Melons, Sweet

Effect Profile: Giggly, Sedating, Euphoric

Lineage: Cross of Mango Trees, Honeydew Melon, and Mango Sherbet

Is it safe to use bloom cartridges?
Is it safe to use bloom vape pens? CCELL technologies manufacture Bloom Pens, ensuring a high-quality vape pen. Without any dangerous additions, their oils solely contain cannabis and a blend of terpenes.
When it comes to flower carts, how long do they last?
How long do you think my cartridges will last? Depending on the length of your pull, Bloom half gram cartridges contain roughly 150 puffs and our full gram cartridges contain around 300 puffs.


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